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Play it Cool is a 1962 British musical film directed by Michael Winner and starring Billy Fury, Michael Anderson Jr., Helen Shapiro, Bobby Vee, Shane Fenton, Danny Williams, Dennis Price, Richard Wattis, Maurice Kaufmann and Anna Palk.The film tells the story of a struggling singer, Billy Universe (Billy Fury), and his band, who befriend an heiress who, against the wishes of her father, (Dennis Price), is searching for her lover who she has been forbidden to see and who she is hoping to elope with. The plot takes the main characters to a succession of nightclubs where the other stars are performing. There are guest appearances by Lionel Blair and Bernie Winters as well as Norrie Paramor, who was the Sir George Martin of his day. The only hit from the songs featured in the film was Fury's rendition of "Once Upon a Dream".


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