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Play It Tonight
Opened December, 2003
Pricing model fixed rate
Platforms Microsoft Windows, Mac OS
Format MPEG Layer 3 (.mp3) @ 320 kbit/s
Restrictions None
Catalogue 70,000+ songs, 14,000+ artists
Preview 1:30 minute MP3 previews @ 64 kbit/s
Streaming Samples stream instantly
Protocol Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http://)
Features Framed Mp3 player, player history, Dance Music Industry Blog

Play It Tonight is a Vancouver, Canada based online electronic dance music MP3 download store. All music on the PHP based site is DRM free and is encoded at 320kbit/s MP3. The high quality standard is required especially for DJs to play at nightclubs, parties and raves.

Play It Tonight specializes in all genres of electronic music including house, electro, techno, breakbeat, drum and bass, trance, downtempo and subgenres of the above mentioned parent genres such as deep house, progressive house, tech house and electro house. Play It Tonight offers over 65,000 dance music songs from over 14,000 artists.

New releases sell for $1.98, while back catalog releases sell for $1.48. (All prices are in US dollars) Users can purchase individual tracks and view and buy top download charts. Some of the most recognizable producers and DJs in the industry have their own charts on the site. The Play It Tonight dance music blog has also become a go to source for dance music news and recommendations on music.


Play It Tonight launched in December 2003 and was one of the first Electronic music Download stores available for DJs. Since this time, the site's catalog has steadily grown and Play It Tonight has become a recognizable brand in the dance music industry.

The site was founded by Dan Wurtele, aka DJ Timeline and is now run by Dan (President) and Sean Gallagher (CEO) - another Vancouver DJ.

Delivering content[edit]

Play It Tonight gets its music directly from record labels. The labels send the technical staff at Play It Tonight the raw master files, usually in WAV format. The technical staff encode these files and cut samples of the songs. All of the necessary files are uploaded along with pertinent track information. Pending the release date of the album, the MP3 files immediately become available for purchase.

Ecommerce expansion[edit]

The company has recently expanded into a storefront solutions company that sets up online music stores for existing web based businesses that want to sell music to their users. More info about this department of their services can be found at High Quality Distribution


There are currently many Electronic Dance Music download stores. These include the iTunes Music Store, Beatport, Traxsource, Audio Jelly, DJ Download, expressbeats and the market leader Juno.

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