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Coins from the game Century: Spice Road

Play Money (PM) is noticeably fake bills or coins intended to be used use as toy currency, especially for classroom instruction or as a marker in board games such as Monopoly, rather than currency in a legitimate exchange market. Play money coins and bills are collected widely. They can be found made from metals, cardboard or, more frequently today, plastic.[1] For card games such as poker, casino tokens are commonly used instead.

Many online gambling sites offer "play money" games which can be played for freely-obtainable credits. These are usually offered alongside "real money" games. However, some sites also offer software that only offers play money games. Such software is usually downloadable from a parallel .net web address, which can then be advertised to the general public as a non-gambling website[citation needed].

In 1997, the Winston Million (a cash prize award program on the NASCAR Winston Cup series) was won by Jeff Gordon at the Mountain Dew Southern 500. A Brinks truck led him around the victory lap, spewing bags of Winston play money.[2]

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