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In BDSM culture, a play party is a social event in which attendees socialize with like-minded people and engage in BDSM activities.[1][2][3] Generally there is an area for drinking and socializing, an area for changing into more appropriate attire (such as fetishwear), and an area for "play" or sexually arousing activities.[4]

Organizers often provide certain large pieces of BDSM equipment to which people can be bound or restrained. Party goers usually bring their own whips, canes, restraints etc.[2][3] In larger play parties, there are usually dungeon monitors who enforce party rules[5] such as safe, sane and consensual and risk-aware consensual kink.[2]

It is not mandatory to play at a party;[1] instead, attendees are welcome to merely take the role of a voyeur.[4] It is not acceptable, however, to touch anyone or their BDSM equipment or sex toys without permission or to interrupt a scene in any way.[4]

A play party can be a place for safer first date scenes.[2] Often a Do Not Invite List is kept to keep out known persistent rule breakers.[5]

In 2000, a play party in Attleboro, Massachusetts was invaded by police for alleged violations of assault and morality laws.[6]

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