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Playbook may refer to:

  • BlackBerry PlayBook, a tablet computer by BlackBerry
  • A book that contains a script or story for a theatrical play. This written version of the composition is used in preparing for a performance
    • Fleury Playbook, a medieval playbook kept in a French abbey until the French Revolution
  • In sport, a book describing plays that a player or team may run in games
  • Playbook (TV series), a television show that airs on the NFL Network
  • The Playbook, a television show that aired on Spike TV
  • The Playbook (How I Met Your Mother), the title of an episode of the television show How I Met Your Mother
  • "Playbook", a daily feature of the political newspaper Politico, edited by Mike Allen
  • A document defining one or more business process workflows aimed at ensuring a consistent response to situations commonly encountered during the operation of the business