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Playboy Brasil
Playboy N° 412 - Juliana Alves.jpg
Issue 412, dated October 2009. Model is actress Juliana Alves.
Editor-in-chief Sérgio Xavier Filho
Former editors Thales Guaracy
Edson Aran
Rodrigo Velloso
Cynthia de Almeida
Ricardo A. Setti
Juca Kfouri
Mário Escobar de Andrade
Categories Men's magazines
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Editora Abril
First issue August 1975 (as Revista do Homem)
1978 (As Playboy)
Country  Brazil
Based in São Paulo, SP
Language Portuguese
Website Official site

The Brazilian edition of Playboy is a local franchise of Playboy magazine published by Editora Abril in Brazil. The original edition of the magazine was created by Hugh Hefner in the 1950s in the United States. Editora Abril licenses the Playboy trademark and manages all associated brands of Playboy Enterprises in Brazil.


The first issue was published in August 1975, under the name A Revista do Homem (Men's Magazine), since the official censorship of the Military dictatorship in place in the country vetoed the original name. The magazine was allowed to use its trademark name only as of 1980.

The Brazilian edition follows the general guidelines of the original magazine in the United States, featuring the trademark sections of the magazine, such as the monthly interview, the 20 Questions interview and the centerfold pictorial featuring the "Miss of the month", which most of the time, but not always, coincides with the month's "star" (cover). But the Brazilian installment has some sections of its own, such as Coelhinhas (Bunnies), which features unknown models photographed by freelance photographers (not affiliated with the magazine), and Click, which features candid pictures of celebrities of all calibers in seemingly revealing situations.

The magazine in Brazil also makes a much heavier use of celebrities to attract its target public, especially telenovela actresses and TV hostesses. This strategy is facilitated by the Brazilian general perception of the Playboy magazine as a tasteful medium for nude pictorials, as opposed to other adult magazines published in the country. This perception also attracts young models looking to use the exposition to launch their careers. Playboy also makes extensive use of circumstantial celebrities, such as stage assistants from TV shows or women who took part recently in TV reality shows.[citation needed]

In that aspect, the Brazilian version of the reality show Big Brother, created by Dutch production company Endemol and produced in Brazil by Globo TV, has been the main source of models for the magazine. Between May 2002 (about two months after the first season concluded on Globo) and August 2007, 13 female participants from that reality show have posed for the magazine, always on the cover; and two of them (Sabrina Sato and Antonela Avellaneda) posed twice, for a total of 15 covers on the magazine. Playboy has not, however, monopolized the nude or revealing pictorials featuring former participants of the TV show, since a few of the participants ultimately chose to appear in other adult publications, such as SEXY Magazine and the lad magazine VIP the last one, also from Abril). In a few of those cases, however, Playboy was not interested in signing on the former participants because it had been revealed that they had already posed for competing publications prior to participating in the reality show on Globo TV.[citation needed]

The record holders for most covers are actress and former model Luma de Oliveira, and dancer Scheila Carvalho, with a total of five covers each (Luma: September 1987, March 1988, March 1990, May 2001 and January 2005; Scheila: February 1998, September 1999, November 2000, December 2001, April 2009).[1][not in citation given] The best-selling issue is the December 1999 issue with Joana Prado "Feiticeira" in the cover, with 1.25 million magazines sold.[2]



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