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The Player of the Year Trophy is an award given by Ice Hockey Journalists UK (formally the British Ice Hockey Writers Association) to the MVP in the Elite League and the English Premier League at the end of each season. In previous seasons it has been awarded to players in the British Hockey League's Premier and First Divisions, the Super League and the British National League. The trophy was first awarded in 1985.

Tony Hand has won the trophy the most times, with a total of six awards. Steve Moria has won three times. Rick Fera, Mark Morrison, Scott Morrison, Lukas Smital and Randy Smith have each won the trophy on two occasions.

Player of the Year Trophy winners[edit]

Season Elite League Premier League
2010-11 Canada Craig Weller (Cardiff Devils) United Kingdom Tony Hand (Manchester Phoenix)
2009-10 United Kingdom Colin Shields (Belfast Giants) Czech Republic Jaroslav Cesky (Bracknell Bees)
2008–09 Canada David Beauregard (Manchester Phoenix) Canada Steve Moria (Slough Jets)
2007-08 Canada Adam Calder (Coventry Blaze) Canada Steve Moria (Slough Jets)
2006-07 Canada Mark Smith (Cardiff Devils) Czech Republic Lukas Smital (Bracknell Bees)
2005-06 Canada Theo Fleury (Belfast Giants) Canada Kyle Amyotte (Romford Raiders)
British League
2004-05 United Kingdom Tony Hand (Belfast)
Canada Neal Martin (Coventry Blaze)
Czech Republic Lukas Smital (Bracknell Bees)
2003-04 Canada Jason Ruff (Belfast Giants) United Kingdom Tony Hand (Edinburgh Capitals)
Super League
2002-03 Canada Joel Laing (Sheffield Steelers) Canada Jody Lehman (Coventry Blaze)
2001-02 Canada Kevin Riehl (Belfast Giants) United Kingdom Tony Hand (Dundee Texol Stars)
2000-01 United Kingdom David Longstaff (Sheffield Steelers) Canada Mark McArthur (Guildford Flames)
1999-00 Canada Ed Courtenay (Sheffield Steelers) United Kingdom Stephen Murphy (Fife Flyers)
1998-99 Canada Frank Pietrangelo (Manchester Storm) Canada Perry Pappas (Slough Jets)
1997-98 Canada Rob Dopson (Ayr Scottish Eagles) Canada Mark Morrison (Fife Flyers)
1996-97 United Kingdom Steve Lyle (Cardiff Devils) Canada Claude Dumas (Telford Tigers)
Canada Mark Morrison (Fife Flyers)
Premier Division First Division
1995-96 Canada Randy Smith (Cardiff Devils) Canada Shawn Byram (Manchester Storm)
1994-95 Canada Randy Smith (Peterborough Pirates) Canada Steve Moria (Swindon Wildcats)
1993-94 Canada Doug Smail (Fife Flyers) Republic of Ireland Patrick Scott (Milton Keynes Kings)
1992-93 United Kingdom Tony Hand (Murrayfield Racers) Canada Rick Fera (Basingstoke Beavers)
1991-92 United States Dan Dorion (Nottingham Panthers) Canada Richard Laplante (Fife Flyers)
1990-91 Canada Rick Brebant (Durham Wasps) Canada Scott Morrison (Humberside Seahawks)
1989-90 Canada Steve Moria (Cardiff Devils) Canada Gerard Waslen (Telford Tigers)
1988-89 United Kingdom Tony Hand (Murrayfield Racers) Canada Luc Chabot (Medway Bears)
1987-88 Canada Scott Morrison (Whitley Bay Warriors) Canada Kevin Conway (Telford Tigers)
1986-87 Canada Rick Fera (Murrayfield Racers) Canada Garry Unger (Peterborough Pirates)
1985-86 Canada Tim Salmon (Ayr Bruins) Canada Brad Schnurr (Solihull Barons)
1984-85 Canada Dave Stoyanovich (Fife Flyers) Not awarded

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