Playing Away at Home

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Playing Away at Home
Playing Away at Home.jpg
Video by Wet Wet Wet
Released 1997
Recorded Celtic Park, Glasgow
Genre Pop music
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Playing Away at Home
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Playing Away at Home is a video feature released by Wet Wet Wet in 1997. It was recorded on September 7, 1997, at Celtic Park in Glasgow.

Running order[edit]

  1. "Sweet Little Mystery"
  2. "Wishing I Was Lucky"
  3. "Strange"
  4. "Lonely Girl"
  5. "Temptation"
  6. "Sweet Surrender"
  7. "Goodnight Girl"
  8. "Lip Service"
  9. "I Can Give You Everything"
  10. "Julia Says"
  11. "Somewhere Somehow"
  12. "Don't Want to Forgive Me Now"
  13. "If Only I Could Be With You"
  14. "East of the River"
  15. "If I Never See You Again"
  16. "Beyond the Sea"
  17. "Maybe I'm in Love"
  18. "Love Is All Around"