Playing Beatie Bow

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This article is about the novel by Ruth Park. For the film, see Playing Beatie Bow (film).
Playing Beatie Bow
Playing Beatie Bow cover.jpg
First Puffin edition, 1982
Author Ruth Park
Country Australia
Language English
Genre Children's novel
Publisher Thomas Nelson (1980) and Puffin Books (1982)
Publication date
31 January 1980
Media type Print
Pages 196

Playing Beatie Bow is an Australian children's book written by Ruth Park and first published on 31 January 1980.[1]


The story is set in Sydney, Australia and is about a girl named Abigail (formerly Lynette) who travels back in time as the result of a scary playground game.[2] She finds herself in colonial Sydney-Town in the year 1873, where she meets Beatie Bow, a girl whose name appears in the game she was playing. Much of the book is set in real-life locations around Sydney's historical Rocks district.

Target age[edit]

According to a thorough review by a scholar of today, "Playing Beatie Bow falls somewhere between a children’s book and the 'Young Adult' fiction category."[3]


  • Abigail Kirk (formerly Lynette)
  • Beatrice May Bow (Beatie Bow)
  • Gilbert Samuel Bow
  • Judah Bow
  • Samuel Bow
  • Dorcas Tallisker (Dovey)
  • Justine Crown
  • Vincent Crown
  • Natalie Crown
  • Katherine Kirk
  • Weyland Kirk
  • Alice Tallisker
  • Robert Bow



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