Playing with Fire (novel)

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For the Skulduggery Pleasant novel, see Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing with Fire.
Playing With Fire
Author Peter Robinson
Country Canada
Language English
Series Inspector Alan Banks, #14
Genre Crime novel
Publisher Macmillan
Publication date
January 2004
Media type Print (Hardback), (Paperback)
ISBN 0-333-98932-5
OCLC 53242464
Preceded by The Summer that Never Was
Followed by Strange Affair

Playing with Fire is the fourteenth novel by Canadian detective fiction writer Peter Robinson in the multi award-winning Inspector Banks series of novels. The novel was first printed in 2004, but has been reprinted a number of times since. The novel was nominated for the 2004 Hammett Prize.[1]


Smarting from the break-up with his girlfriend, DI Annie Cabot, and still in shock from his ex-wife's recent pregnancy, DCI Alan Banks welcomes the diversion of a fire on two houseboats on the old Eastvale canal.. even though two bodies are then found on board. But was it arson or accident? And why was the boyfriend of one of the victims found lurking in the woods watching the fire-fighters in action? The case soon widens with another fire, another death, the discovery of art fraud, paedophilia and incest. And to add to it all DI Cabot has a new man - one that Banks doesn't like or trust an inch. As the case unravels and becomes ever more complicated, so Banks' personal life becomes entangled, occasionally blurring both his and Cabot's vision of the real villain in their midst. Crossing the York moors from city to village, Robinson draws a vivid picture of life in the North. This time, Banks may have bitten off more than even he can chew....


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