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Pipeworks sets

Playskool Pipeworks with the unique 'click-lock' locking system is a construction toy consisting of white tubes and multi-colored connectors assembled and disassemble with a plastic wrench. Playskool dubbed it as "a kid-sized construction system that's a new toy every day!". It was first designed by John Choong


Pipeworks first introduced in the 1980s were originally available as three different Pipeworks sets.

  • Basic Set 1000 – 61 pieces
  • Sports Set 1500 – 60 pieces
  • Big Builders Set 2000 – 112 pieces
  • Rock'n Curves Set 2500 – 109 pieces
  • Deluxe Set 3000 – 130 pieces
  • Super Wheels Set 4000 – 150 pieces


The same manual was shipped with 1000, 2000 and 3000 sets but the only way to build everything in it was to purchase the Deluxe Set 3000 as it had all the necessary parts. Later, in 1987, Playskool introduced the final and largest set called the Super Wheel Set 4000 consisting of 150 pieces and a new manual with instruction for 45 new projects.


  • Playskool Pipeworks Instruction Manual

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