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Plaza Satélite is a shopping mall located in the metropolitan area of Mexico City. It is located in Ciudad Satélite on Anillo Periferico. Its name comes from its location. It is the most important shopping mall in Mexico City's metropolitan area.


Sculpture by Olivier Seguin, located inside Plaza Satélite (picture taken in 1971).

Plaza Satélite began construction in 1968 in Ciudad Satélite with the blueprints of architect Juan Sordo Madaleno. It was inaugurated on October 13, 1971 starting with four big companies: Sears Roebuck, Liverpool, Sanborn's, and Paris Londres, as well as many stores of different kinds, restaurants, banks and a movie theater. At that time it had parking space for 3000 cars.

By 1995 they planned the last expansion, where the shopping mall grew 100% reaching 240 commercial spaces. The fast food section was completed, and the movie theaters were completely renovated. The expansion was concluded in 1998, with the incorporation of El Palacio de Hierro. the parking lot was also expanded to 5472 parking spots making it the largest shopping mall parking lot in Mexico.[1]