Plaza de América

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Plaza de América at daytime

The Plaza de America (Seville), located in the Parque de María Luisa, is flanked by the Museum of Popular Arts (Neomudéjar style) to the north, the Archaeological Museum (Neo-Renaissance style) to the south, and the Royal Pavilion (Gothic style) to the east. These three buildings were built by the architect Aníbal González between 1913 and 1916 for the future Ibero-American exhibition in 1929, each with a different architectural style. Also form Part of the roundabout of Miguel de Cervantes, adorned with the works Ceramics Recalling Most Famous, as Rodriguez Marin.

Pigeons drinking at a source

Buildings and roundabouts in the Plaza de América[edit]

-Royal pavilion

-Roundabout of Cervantes

-Roundabout of Rodriguez Marín

-Museum of Popular Arts ( Mudéjar Pavilion )

-Archaeological Museum

-Source of the Doves

-Mural Glorieta de la Mesa

-Roundabout Clock

-Roundabout of Virgen de los Reyes

Coordinates: 37°22′18″N 5°59′15″W / 37.3716°N 5.9874°W / 37.3716; -5.9874