Plaza de Oriente

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Plaza de Oriente
Estatua de Felipe IV y Palacio Real 25-02-2013.jpg
View of the park facing the Royal Palace
LocationMadrid, Spain

Plaza de Oriente is a square in the historic centre of Madrid, Spain. It is rectangular in shape and monumental in character and was designed in 1844 by Narciso Pascual y Colomer. The square was propagated by King Joseph I, who ordered the demolition of the medieval houses on the site.

It is located between some important landmarks in Madrid: To the west is the Royal Palace, the Royal Theatre to the east, and to the north is the Royal Monastery of the Incarnation.

Buildings around the square[edit]

Monument to Philip IV[edit]

Monument to Philip IV by Pietro Tacca

Monument to Philip IV is a memorial to Philip IV of Spain in the centre of Plaza de Oriente.

Coordinates: 40°25′6.02″N 3°42′45.31″W / 40.4183389°N 3.7125861°W / 40.4183389; -3.7125861