Pleasant Grove Independent School District (Bowie County, Texas)

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Pleasant Grove Independent School District is a public school district in Texarkana, Texas.

In 2009, the school district was rated "recognized" by the Texas Education Agency.[1]


The first one-room school was established in 1877. The 55-square-mile (140 km2) area formerly included several smaller districts. The Baker District and the Morriss District united in 1916 to form Pleasant Grove District. The district was renamed Pleasant Grove Independent School District in September 1978.

Pleasant Grove operated only an elementary school for many years. Pleasant Grove Junior High opened in August 1977, and is known as Pleasant Grove Middle School. In 1983, voters approved the expansion of the educational program through grade 12. The first class of seniors graduated in May 1986.

Recent Renovations[edit]

In early 2008 a bill was passed giving Pleasant Grove funds to build onto the school. At all of the schools new tile, security systems,and paint will be added. The middle school has installed new lockers, restrooms, a new library, and new teaching equipment. The highschool has installed new lockers, restrooms, and other improvements. As of this time a new intermediate school to be opened in the Fall of 2009 has just started construction to give more space at the elementary and middle schools. At the middle school a new band hall is under construction and will be finished in early 2009.[needs update] A new and improved football stadium is being built also at the highschool to be done in 2009 along with a new athletic department.[needs update]



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