Please Don't Eat My Mother

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Please Don't Eat My Mother
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Carl J. Monson
Produced by Carl J. Monson
Harry N. Hovak
Written by Eric Norden
Starring Buck Kartalian
Lyn Lundgren
Art Hedberg
Rene Bond
Edited by Paul Heslin
Distributed by Boxoffice International Pictures
Release date
  • March 5, 1973 (1973-03-05)
Running time
98 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Please Don't Eat My Mother is a 1973 exploitation film directed by Carl J. Monson.

It is an adult-themed parody of Roger Corman's The Little Shop of Horrors.[1]


A shy and timid man who lives with his mother buys a plant he thinks talked to him. His loneliness is very apparent in the way he tries to turn the plant into a friend. Well, the plant is carnivorous and can talk with a woman's sexy voice. Henry, the protagonist, now has two joys in life. One is being a voyeur (he is much too shy to actually talk to a girl) and the other is his new plant friend. Soon he discovers the plant likes bugs (and then frogs and dogs and cats but he draws the line at elephants). Eventually the plant wants to try a delicious woman, like in the pictures Henry has hanging in his room.

One day, Henry's mother breaks into his room thinking to confront him with a woman and all she can find are Henry and the plant. But soon the plant eats her and discovers that women are really tasty. When detective O'Columbus shows up, the plant discovers she does not like eating men, just women.

Eventually the plant experiences urges and Henry finds a male specimen. The male eats men while the female eats women. One woman is willing to end Henry's life of virginity but accidentally gets eaten. Henry is broken and tries to kill himself while the plants get passionate with one another. Henry is too clumsy to succeed and changes his mind when he sees all of the little baby plants.


  • Buck Kartalian as Henry Fudd
  • Lyn Lundgren as Clarice Fudd
  • Art Hedberg as Florist
  • Rene Bond as Harry's wife
  • Alice Fredlund as Call girl
  • Adam Blair
  • Flora Weisel as Girl in Car
  • Ric Lutze as Harry
  • Carl Monson (uncredited) as Officer O'Columbus
  • Zach Moye

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