Pleasure Beach Express

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Pleasure Beach Express
Locale Lancashire, Northern England
Dates of operation 1933–
Track gauge 21 in (533 mm)
Headquarters Blackpool

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Express is a 21 in (533 mm) narrow gauge railway, built in 1933 as a tourist attraction at Pleasure Beach Blackpool, Lancashire.


The main station was built in 1933, but was destroyed by fire in 1934. Redesigned by architect Joseph Emberton and rebuilt in 1935, it was replaced in 1970 by the present Victorian style building.[1]


The line has two stations, Pleasure Beach Express station and Star Halt. The latter is now a request stop.

Diesel Locomotives[edit]

The original two locomotives were supplied in 1933 and were named Mary Louise and Carol Jean after the daughters of the park owner, Leonard Thompson. The third was to be named William Geoffrey after his son, but a royal visit to the factory building it prompted a change to Princess Royal. It was renamed to Geoffrey Thompson OBE in his honour after his death in 2004.[2] All three were built by Hudswell Clarke in Hunslet, Leeds, who had also supplied locomotives for Scarborough North Bay Railway and Golden Acre Park, Leeds. They went on to build two more 4-6-2 class locomotives for Billy Butlin to use at the Empire Exhibition in Glasgow in 1938.[3]

Name No Built Rebuild/ Maint Wheels Fuel/ Trans Gauge Status Colour Notes
Mary Louise 4472 Hudswell, Leeds 4-6-2 tender Diesel (Steam Outline) 21 in (533 mm) In traffic Green Sister to Neptune,Triton and Poseidon [formerly May Thompson] on the Scarborough North Bay Railway
Carol Jean 4473 Hudswell, Leeds 4-6-4T Diesel (Steam Outline) 21 in (533 mm) In traffic Green Sister to Robin Hood on the Scarborough North Bay Railway
Geoffrey Thompson OBE 6200 Hudswell, Leeds 4-6-2 tender Diesel (Steam Outline) 21 in (533 mm) In traffic Maroon was Princess Royal
Barbie 0-4-0DM 21 in (533 mm) Track Maintenance


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Coordinates: 53°47′25″N 3°03′20″W / 53.79028°N 3.05556°W / 53.79028; -3.05556