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Pleasure Island Family Theme Park
Pleasure Island Logo.gif
LocationCleethorpes, North-East Lincolnshire, England
Coordinates53°32′36.26″N 0°00′29.48″W / 53.5434056°N 0.0081889°W / 53.5434056; -0.0081889Coordinates: 53°32′36.26″N 0°00′29.48″W / 53.5434056°N 0.0081889°W / 53.5434056; -0.0081889
Opened27 May 1993 (1993-05-27)
Closed29 October 2016 (2016-10-29)
OwnerDewarSavile Enterprises Limited (Melanie Wood)
General managerNeil Ireland
SloganPrevious: "Discover the Magic"
"Don't you wish you were here?"
Last slogan : "Find yourself in a world of adventure"
Total46/47 attractions
Roller coasters3
Water rides2
Previously owned by Flamingo Land Ltd

Pleasure Island Family Theme Park was a theme park in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, England. It was commonly known as Pleasure Island. The park opened on 27 May 1993. It was originally a subsidiary of Flamingo Land Ltd. Pleasure Island became independent of Flamingo Land in May 2010 and was owned and operated by DewarSavile Enterprises Ltd until closing at the end of the 2016 season.

Boomerang - Manufactured by Vekoma, this was a steel roller coaster built to the standard. This ride has been dismantled and shipped to the Netherlands for a refurb before being relocated to Trans Studio Bali, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.
Alakazam - Manufactured by HUSS Park Attractions, this was a Fly-Away variation of the Enterprise ride, will reopen at Fantasialand, Santiago in Chile on 1 January 2019 'Super Hero'.[needs update]
Pendulus - Manufactured by HUSS, this was the only park's model of the Frisbee ride in the UK operating as Skyforce at Flambards, Cornwall.
Hydro Max - Manufactured by Fabbri Group, this was a standard model Booster ride


Pleasure Island Family Theme Park stood on the site of the former Cleethorpes Marineland and Zoo. Owned and operated as a satellite zoo of Flamingo Park, and later by Scotia Leisure, the zoo had such attractions as dolphins, sea lions and pelicans. The zoo closed in 1977.[1][2] The site was sold to Pleasureworld, a division of RKF Entertainment, who announced that a new theme park would be built, as a sister park to the Pleasurewood Hills park near Lowestoft and bearing the same name. Construction began on the new theme park in the 1980s.[citation needed]

RKF Entertainment went into receivership during the early 1990s and construction of the park was halted. The site was sold to Robert Gibb, the managing director of Flamingo Land in Malton, North Yorkshire. Gibb decided to continue with the redevelopment of the site as a theme park, which became Pleasure Island. Reconstruction of the park was completed by Gibb in 1992 and Pleasure Island Family Theme Park was opened on 27 May 1993. Robert Gibb's son, Gordon Gibb, later became the chief executive of the company to directly run Flamingo Land, while his sister Vicky Gibb, and subsequently other sister Melanie Wood (formerly Gibb), took the responsibility for the management of Pleasure Island.[citation needed]

Negotiations took place to separate Pleasure Island from its sister park Flamingo Land, resulting in the managing director of Pleasure Island Melanie Wood taking control of the park on 14 April 2010 as a separate entity from the family company.[3][4] Pleasure Island was then operated by Dewarsavile Enterprises Ltd, directed by Wood, and marked the end of Pleasure Island and Flamingo Land's association.[citation needed] As a result of the ownership transfer the Grimsby Telegraph website broke news that the park had closed.[5] The park reopened under its new ownership on 1 May 2010.[citation needed] In 2013 a farm and petting zoo was added, including a tractor ride replacing an electric monorail.[citation needed]

Pleasure Island Family Theme Park closed permanently at the end of the 2016 season.[6][7][8] The contents, including a 1904 carousel, were put up for auction.[9] The last of the items were sold off in October 2018.[citation needed]


The theme park was split into 6 areas:

  • Africa – themed around Africa, the largest area of Pleasure island and containing one white-knuckle ride
  • Kiddies Kingdom – rides for especially young children
  • Morocco – themed around Morocco, with three white-knuckle rides: the Alakazam, Hydromax and the Hyper Blaster
  • Old England – themed around England, it contained the park entrance and was the smallest area of Pleasure Island
  • Spain – themed around Spain and nearly as small as Old England, containing one ride and other attractions
  • White Knuckle Valley – three white-knuckle rides: the Boomerang (a Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster), the Pendulus and the Terror Rack

Height restrictions[edit]

The minimum heights are colour-coded as follows:

Height (metres) Height (colour)
1.4 m (4 ft 7 in) Red
1.3 m (4 ft 3 in) Purple
1.2 m (3 ft 11 in)* Blue
1.1 m (3 ft 7 in) Green
1.0 m (3 ft 3 in) Yellow
Children Only** Pink
Anyone White

* Although 1.2 m (3 ft 11 in), like green an adult was required on the ride with someone.
** Children below the age of 7 years, except where noted.


Roller coasters[edit]

Roller Coaster Height Year Description
Boomerang Purple 1993-2016 A standard Vekoma Boomerang taken forward and back through a vertical loop and a cobra roll. The flagship rollercoaster has been fully refurbished and is currently under construction over in Indonesia at a theme park called Trans Studio Bali. No official name or opening date has been given.
Mini Mine Train Yellow 1993-2016 A standard 208m Vekoma junior coaster themed to an African mine train completes the circuit twice through drops and helixes. This attraction has been refurbished and officially opened on 25 May 2019 at Transmart Pekalongan under the new name of 'Crazy Taxi'.
GoGator Pink 1993-2016 A mini coaster themed around Dragons.

Thrill rides[edit]

Ride Height Year Description
Alakazam Purple 2002-16 A HUSS Flyaway variant of Enterprise. This ride has been refurbished and opened at Fantasilandia in Santiago, Chile on 1 January 2019 under the name of 'Super Hero'.
Hydromax Purple 2006-16 A Spin Doctor Ride (Booster). Purchased directly from the manufacturer in Italy. It has now been removed from the site and is awaiting a new buyer whilst in storage.
Hyperblaster Red 2000-16 A S&S Shot Tower at 90 ft. It was removed from the site and stored, later being refurbished and reopening at Navy Pier .
Obliterator Red 2008-16 Previously at Flamingo Land, where it was known as Circulator. An Evolution Model. This ride has been sold and reopened at Baghdad Island Park, Iraq.
Pendulus Red 2003-16 A HUSS Frisbee Ride themed around a clock. This ride has been sold to Flambards theme park in Helston, Cornwall as Sky Force.
Terror Rack Red 1998-2016 A Fabbri version of A HUSS Top spin ride overall lasts longer and is 'up-side-down' longer than other rides like Alton Towers. Has been removed from the site, and is now operating at Sindbad Land, Iraq still under the Terror Rack name.
Voltar Blue 2015-16 A Vekoma Double Swinging Inverter Ride relocated from Flamingo Land, it used to be called Sky Flyer. Has been removed from the site and is now operating at Baghdad Island, Iraq alongside the Obliterator.

Family rides[edit]

Ride Height Description
Furry Friends and Tractor Ride White A farmyard animals attraction featuring a repainted monorail ride with tractor themed trains.
Flying Chairs Yellow A traditional Swing ride This ride has been removed from the park and is now a UK travelling ride with Taylors of Edinburgh.
Shreiksville 7+ y.o. A scary ghost train built for the park by Studios East LTD a company specialising in UV art work. Has now been dismantled and is to be used as a new attraction for its new owner.
Century 2000 Green has been removed from the site, it has been bought and was thought to be refurbished before travelling the UK.
Galleon Blue A classic Pirate Ship ride. The Galleon has now been relocated from Pleasure Island to Gullivers Land.
Dodgems Red A classic Bumper Cars attraction. Removed from the site. This ride has been bought by a wedding venue to which is used as part of the venues packages for guests.
Whirly Twirly Walzers Yellow A Tilt a Whirl attraction with seashell type cars. As of 2017, this ride was relocated to Funland and rethemed and renamed as "Neptune's Fury".
Paratrooper Yellow Hrubetz Paratrooper attraction. This ride was re-located to Funland in 2017 but only lasted a few months before being removed and placed in storage.
Carousel Yellow A traditional Carousel horse ride. This ride has now been dismantled and sold to an undisclosed buyer, but will be travelling Ireland.
Astra Slide Yellow A tall slide which children and adults would ride down in bags. Has been dismantled and is now in Iraq alongside the Terror Rack and Obliterator.
Razzle Dazzle Green A spinning top going to different heights during the ride. Is now operating as a travelling ride with John Wesseldine after having a full light and sound refurbishment.
Lake Boats Green A free-roam Pedalo boat ride that's situated in a large lake at the centre of the park.
Annabel Train White 2 ft (610 mm) train ride around amusements. This ride has been removed from Pleasure Island and is now been sent abroad for refurbishment before heading to another theme park.
Gravitron Blue A spaceship ride manufactured by Vekoma, was located at Pleasure Island after a short stint at Alton Towers, since Pleasure Island closed this ride is now located at Barry Island Pleasure Park. It also opened at Barry Island when new, a few years before its Alton Towers days.

Kiddie rides[edit]

Ride Height Description
Tommy Tinkaboo Boat Ride Pink Indoors water-boat ride tailored towards young children that takes riders on a tour of the Tommy Tinkaboo sweet factory, full of animatronic characters and music specially designed by the former Rex Studios international ride theming. This ride has been dismantled and sold as individual parts with some parts being used in other theme parks as spare/repairs and others including the famous toffee heads being sold at auction.
Frog Hopper Pink A miniature, frog-themed Drop tower ride. Has been removed, location unknown.
Mini Dodgems Pink A Bumper Cars ride tailored for young children. Relocated along with the Galleon to Gullivers Land.
Kiddies Cove A small play park situated next to the sea lion show at the back of the park.
Kiddies Roundabouts Yellow

Water rides[edit]

Ride Height Description
Falls of Fear Blue A water slide in which riders ride down in inflatable rafts. Was demolished on-site after the park closed.
Aquasphere White Closed in 2014 to make way for Voltar ride.

Former rides[edit]

  • Condor – a HUSS Condor Stood on the site of Kiddies Cove, before being sold at auction
  • 1001 Nights – replaced by The Galleon
  • Dream Boat – stood where the Hydro Max is now
  • Big Splash – a unique water ride replaced by The Falls of Fear
  • Crazy Loop – a Pinfari Looping Roller Coaster that also previously operated at Flamingo Land under the same name. It is now located in Brean Leisure Park as 'Shockwave'
  • 4 Man Bob – a small Schwarzkopf Bobsleigh Roller Coaster which was replaced by 'Crazy Loop'
  • Pony Rodeo – a small, monorail-like rollercoaster themed around riding a horse
  • Para Tower - originally from Drayton Manor Theme Park, was a tall structure that would take riders up for an overhead view of the park. Was scheduled for removal but was only removed after the park sold it for scrap metal.


  • Masai Warriors Show – introduced during ownership by Flamingo Land as a copy of their 'Bongo Warriors Show' (Africa)
  • Bird Show – parrots, barn owls and red-legged seriema performing tricks (Spain)
  • Sea Lion Show – sea lions performing tricks (Morocco)
  • Tommy Tinkaboo Musical Extravaganza (Morocco)
  • The Basil Brush Laughter Show (Africa)
  • High School Summer – set as the movie High School Musical 1 + 2 (Morocco)
  • Rock-afire Explosion - Animatronic show featuring Billy Bob and his singing animal band (Morocco)

Restaurants and eateries[edit]

  • Food Court (Spain)
  • McCormack's Family Bar – a family-themed restaurant and bar selling traditional British pub meals (Old England)
  • Lakeside – drinks and snack sales
  • Tommy's Kiosk and Cafe – drinks and snack sales
  • Fatimas Fish & Chips – fish and chip shop.
  • Sinbads Ice Cream Parlour – iced cream and drinks sales
  • Carousel – snack bar in the Carousel building.


  • Tinkaboo Sweet Shop (Spain)
  • Gift Shop (Old England)
  • Shrieksville Shop of Horrors (Africa)


  • Ali Baba's Arcade – arcade with toilets next to the Gravitron and Spain area (Morocco)
  • Kiddies' Cove – children's play area with swings and benches, next to the Sealion Show and Century 2000


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