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MySociety logo.png
mySociety logo
MottoWe make websites that empower citizens worldwide
Founded2003 (2003)
FounderTom Steinberg
FocusGovernment transparency, civic technologies, Freedom of Information, citizen empowerment, open source
  • United Kingdom
ProductsTheyWorkForYou, WriteToThem, WhatDoTheyKnow, FixMyStreet, Pombola, Alaveteli, EveryPolitician, SayIt, Mapumental & more
Mark Cridge[1]
25[citation needed]

mySociety is an e-democracy project of the UK-based registered charity named UK Citizens Online Democracy.[2] It began as a UK-focused organisation with the aim of making online democracy tools for UK citizens.[3] However, as those tools were open source, the code could be and soon was redeployed in other countries.[4]

mySociety's more recent mission has been to simplify and internationalise its code[5] to make it easier for people all over the world to run citizen-empowering websites. Additionally, through the Poplus project, it hopes to encourage others to share open source code[6] that will minimise the amount of duplication in civic tech coding.

Like many non-profits, mySociety sustains itself with a mixture of grant funding[7] and commercial work, providing software and development services to local government and other organisations.[8]

mySociety was founded by Tom Steinberg in September 2003,[9] and started activity after receiving a £250,000 grant in September 2004.[10] Steinberg says that it was inspired by a collaboration with his then-flatmate James Crabtree which spawned Crabtree's article "Civic hacking: a new agenda for e-democracy".[7][11]

In March 2015, Steinberg announced his decision to stand down as the director of mySociety.[12] In July of that year, Mark Cridge became the organisation's new CEO.[1]



Poplus[19] is an international federation of organisations who benefit through the sharing of civic code and online technologies. It was set up in April 2014 by mySociety in collaboration with Chilean e-democracy organisation Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente.[20][21]

Poplus encourages the development of free, open source civic 'blocks' of software, which it terms 'Components'.[22] These are intended to save time for anyone making one of the classic civic tech tools for parliamentary monitoring, accountability, transparency, et cetera.

In 2014 Nominet awarded Poplus a place in the Nominet Trust 100[23]

Poplus components[edit]

The following Components were developed by mySociety. Those developed by other organisations may be seen on the Poplus website.[24]

  • SayIt:[25] software for publishing transcripts of debates (e.g. from parliaments, court proceedings and meetings[26]
  • WriteIt:[27] software for running a site that enables users to write to politicians, in public or private.
  • MapIt:[28] software for matching a geographical point with its legislative boundaries. MapIt underlies several mySociety websites such as FixMyStreet and WriteToThem, where it allows for a user to input a postcode and be matched to the correct authority or representative.

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