Plesetsk Cosmodrome Site 132

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Site 132 (Chusovaya)
Launch site Plesetsk Cosmodrome
Location 62°53′1″N 40°52′11″E / 62.88361°N 40.86972°E / 62.88361; 40.86972Coordinates: 62°53′1″N 40°52′11″E / 62.88361°N 40.86972°E / 62.88361; 40.86972
Short name Pu-132
Operator Russian Space Forces
Total launches Unknown
Launch pad(s) Two
Site 132/1 launch history
Status Active
Known launches 231
First launch 15 May 1967
Last launch 27 April 2010
Site 132/2 launch history
Status Inactive
Known launches 154
First launch 26 June 1967
Last launch 25 April 1990

Site 132, also known as Chusovaya[1] (Russian: Чусова́я), is a launch complex at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Russia, used by Kosmos carrier rockets. It consists of a two launch pads, Site 133/1, which is active, and Site 133/2 which is not.

The first launch from Site 132/1 was conducted on either 15 May or 26 June 1967, with the first known launch from Site 132/2 following on 26 June. The last launch from Site 132/2 occurred on 25 April 1990. Both pads were used by the same two rockets, the Kosmos-3 and Kosmos-3M. Although most Kosmos-3M launches have been conducted from Site 132, several early tests were conducted from Site 131; however, it is not known which ones, or how many. Some launches were also conducted from Site 133.


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