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Plexippus (spider) is also a genus of jumping spiders.

In Greek mythology, Plexippus or Plexippos (Πλήξιππος) is a name that refers to:

  • Plexippus, a son of Thestius, who, together with his brother Toxeus, participated in the hunt for the Calydonian Boar. He was angry that the prize of the boar's hide had been given to a woman (Atalanta) by his nephew Meleager, who then killed him in the ensuing argument.[1]
  • Plexippus, a son of Phineus and Cleopatra, brother of Pandion. He and his brother were blinded by Phineus at the instigation of their stepmother Idaea.[2]
  • Plexippus, one of the sons of Aegyptus. He married (and was killed by) Amphicomone, daughter of Danaus.[3]
  • Plexippus, a son of the Arcadian king Choricus, brother of Enetus and Palaestra.[4]


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