Pliciloricus enigmaticus

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Pliciloricus enigmaticus
Pliciloricus enigmatus.jpg
Pliciloricus enigmaticus Higgins & Kristensen, 1986.
Distribución de Pliciloricus enigmaticus derivado 2013 000.jpg
Distribución de Pliciloricus enigmaticus
Scientific classification
P. enigmaticus
Binomial name
Pliciloricus enigmaticus

Pliciloricus enigmaticus is a marine Loriciferan species of genus Pliciloricus described by Higgins & Kristensen 1986.[1]


Pliciloricus enigmaticus is a marine species in which adults measure between 160–268 µm of length (excluding any cone mouth) in which body exists dual compound located in the second row spinoscalids in position medioventral and whom lies fused in the middle of its length basal and usually are very modified, strongly sclerotised, rigid; presented 15 spinoscalids with claws in the third row, spinoscalids with 4–7 teeth that alternate with said spinoscalids that are not modified, the Lorica features 7 ridges cuticular transverse and longitudinal ridges doubles, 2 plates lateroventral of the caudal region. The anus is terminal.[1]


Pliciloricus enigmaticus is a species that has been designated for the waters of the Atlantic Ocean north and northwest.[2]


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