Plimmer Towers

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Plimmer Towers
Plimmer Towers.jpg
General information
Type Office & hotel
Architectural style Late Modern
Location Plimmer Steps, Wellington, New Zealand
Coordinates 41°17′9″S 174°46′30″E / 41.28583°S 174.77500°E / -41.28583; 174.77500
Current tenants Brother NZ, Travelodge
Completed 1977
Owner Eureka Funds Management, Toga Group
Height 84 metres (276 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 20
Design and construction
Main contractor Williams Construction

Plimmer Towers is a high-rise office and hotel complex in central Wellington, New Zealand. The building is named after John Plimmer, a major business and political personality during Wellington's early years.[1]


Originally developed by construction tycoon Arthur Williams, the building was opened in 1977 as the Williams Centre.[2] At the time of opening, it was Wellington's tallest building until 1984, when the nearby BNZ Centre opened. A second matching tower was opened in 1985.

Williams sold the building to Smart Group NZ in 1986, which was severely affected by the 1987 sharemarket crash.[2] It was later purchased by the Singaporean-based Grand Central Group in 1993,[3] by which time it was renamed the Plimmer City Centre, with the hotel section rebranded as a Copthorne.

In 2010, the complex was refurbished and repainted by its current owners, Australian-based Eureka Funds Management and the Toga Group.[4] Hotel naming rights were passed on to the Travelodge group.

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