Plinth Peak

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Plinth Peak
Plinth Peak north face.jpg
North face of Plinth Peak
Highest point
Elevation2,677 m (8,783 ft) [1]
Prominence947 m (3,107 ft) [1]
Coordinates50°38′42.7″N 123°30′38.9″W / 50.645194°N 123.510806°W / 50.645194; -123.510806
LocationBritish Columbia, Canada
Parent rangePacific Ranges
Topo mapNTS 92J/12
Age of rockPleistocene
Mountain typeStratovolcano
Volcanic arc/beltCanadian Cascade Arc
Garibaldi Volcanic Belt
Last eruptionPleistocene
First ascent1931 N. Carter; A. Dalgleish; T. Fyles; M. Winram[1]
Easiest routerock/ice climb

Plinth Peak, sometimes called Plinth Mountain, is the highest satellite cone of the Mount Meager massif, and one of four overlapping volcanic cones which together form a large volcanic complex in the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt of the Canadian Cascade Arc. It is one of the most recently formed volcanic formations of the Mount Meager massif.

Plinth Peak is the highest volcanic peak of the Mount Meager massif. Located on the steep north flank of Plinth is the remnant of an inner crater wall that was destroyed by a lateral blast during a period of volcanic activity about 2,350 years ago.[citation needed]

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