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Pljačkovica is located in Serbia
Location in Serbia
Highest point
Elevation 1,231 m (4,039 ft) [1]
Coordinates 42°35′26″N 21°53′59″E / 42.59056°N 21.89972°E / 42.59056; 21.89972Coordinates: 42°35′26″N 21°53′59″E / 42.59056°N 21.89972°E / 42.59056; 21.89972
Location Southern Serbia

Pljačkovica[2] (Serbian Cyrillic: Пљачковица, pronounced [pʎǎtʃkɔʋitsa]) is a mountain in southern Serbia, overlooking the city of Vranje. Its highest peak has an elevation of 1,231 meters above sea level.

Since the mountain is located on a strategic position over the city of Vranje, its peak hosts a TV tower and other telecommunication facilities. It was heavily bombed in the NATO bombing of FR Yugoslavia in 1999, and it is significantly contaminated with depleted uranium ammunition.[3]


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