Pljevlja Municipality

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Pljevlja Municipality
Opština Pljevlja
Coat of arms of Pljevlja Municipality
Coat of arms
Pljevlja Municipality in Montenegro
Pljevlja Municipality in Montenegro
Country Montenegro
Seat Pljevlja
 • Total 1,346 km2 (520 sq mi)

Pljevlja Municipality is one of the municipalities of Montenegro. The center is Pljevlja.


The municipality borders Žabljak Municipality, Bijelo Polje Municipality and Mojkovac Municipality in Montenegro, as well as the republics of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. With a total area of 1,346 km2 (520 sq mi), it is the third largest municipality in Montenegro.

The highest point of the municipality is on the Ljubišnja mountain at an altitude of 2,238 m (7,343 ft), while the lowest point is in the canyon of Tara river with an altitude of 529 m (1,736 ft) above sea level.


Coordinates: 43°21′00″N 19°21′00″E / 43.3500°N 19.3500°E / 43.3500; 19.3500