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Plon is a French book publishing company, founded in 1852 by Henri Plon and his two brothers.

The Plon family were Walloons coming from Nivelle, France. One of their ancestors is probably the Danish typographer Jehan Plon who lived at the end of the 16th century.[1]


The Éditions Plon were created in 1852, by Henri Plon and his two brothers. They were given the title of Imprimeur de l’Empereur (Imperial publisher) and published the correspondence of Louis XIII of France, Marie Antoinette and Napoleon I of France.[2]

They were acquired by the Groupe de La Cité, which was later acquired in 1988 by Havas.

In 2001, Havas was itself absorbed by Vivendi, then called Vivendi Universal. The Vivendi group, facing financial troubles, sold several publishing companies, including Plon, to Wendel Investissement, which put it under the umbrella of the Editis group. In 2008, Editis was sold to the Spanish group Planeta.


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