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Plop may refer to:

  • "Plop", the nickname of fictional Pete Miller, a character from the US television seriesThe Office
  • Kabouter Plop, the eponymous hero of the Belgian children's TV and comic strip series
  • Plop, the Hungarian name for Plopi village, Valea Ierii Commune, Cluj County, Romania
  • Plop, a slang word for feces
  • Plop, a village in Coşcalia Commune, Căuşeni district, Moldova
  • Plop, a village in Ghelari Commune, Hunedoara County, Romania
  • Plop (owl), the main character in The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson
  • Plop, Donduşeni, a commune in Donduşeni district, Moldova
  • Plop: The Hairless Elbonian, a Dilbert-spinoff comic strip by Scott Adams
  • Plop!, a self-described "New Magazine of Weird Humor!" comic book published by DC Comics that ran from Sep/Oct 1973 to Nov/Dec 1976
  • Plop-Ştiubei, a commune in Căuşeni district, Moldova
  • The name of a post-apocalyptic novel, written by Rafael Pinedo (Argentina).
  • A type of glissando in music

PLoP refers to:

PLOP refers to:

  • PLate OPtimizer, the CAD program for optimization of telescope mirror support cells to reduce cell induced errors.