Plošča Lienina (Minsk Metro)

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Plošča Lienina
Minsk Metro sign logo.png Minsk Metro Station
Lenpl 05.jpg
Station Hall
Coordinates 53°53′36″N 27°32′52″E / 53.8932°N 27.5478°E / 53.8932; 27.5478Coordinates: 53°53′36″N 27°32′52″E / 53.8932°N 27.5478°E / 53.8932; 27.5478
Owned by Minsk Metro
Line(s) Moskovskaya Line Moskovskaya Line
Platforms Island platform
Tracks 2
Structure type Underground
Opened June 26, 1984
Preceding station   Minsk Metro   Following station
toward Uruchye
Moskovskaya Line

Plošča Lienina (Belarusian: Плошча Леніна; Russian: Площадь Ленина; "Lenin Square") is a Minsk Metro station.


The station, opened on June 24, 1984, is part of the Moskovskaya Line and serves the main railway station of the city: Minsk Passazhirsky.

From 1992 to 2003 the station has been called "Plošča Niezaliežnasci" (lit: Independence Square), but later original name of the station was restored. According to head of technical department of the Minsk subway, the official decision to rename the station "Lenin Square" to "Independence Square" was never taken, there were only verbal instructions of government.

It is one of three on the Minsk Metro to have been built with an entrance in an existing building, the other two being Kastryčnickaja and Kupalaŭskaja.[1]


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