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Ploská, Veľká Fatra (SVK) - view from under Kýšky.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 1,532.1 m (5,027 ft)
Coordinates 48°56′1.2″N 19°07′0.7″E / 48.933667°N 19.116861°E / 48.933667; 19.116861Coordinates: 48°56′1.2″N 19°07′0.7″E / 48.933667°N 19.116861°E / 48.933667; 19.116861
Ploská is located in Slovakia
Location in Slovakia
Location Martin, Žilina, Slovakia
Parent range Greater Fatra

Ploská is a mountain in the Hôlna Fatra part of the Greater Fatra Range in Slovakia measuring 1,532.1 metres (5,026.6 ft). It lies on the main ridge, to South it continues to Ostredok and Krížna mountains, to the North it divides into the lower western Turiec Ridge (Slovak: Turčianský hrebeň) and higher eastern Liptov Ridge (Slovak: Liptovský hrebeň). It is unique by its large flat grass covered summit, the slopes are dangerous in winter because of frequent avalanches which have claimed many lives.


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