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Ploticus logo.png
A plot of Wikipedia statistics in Ploticus
A plot of Wikipedia statistics in Ploticus
Original author(s)Steve Grubb
Initial releaseAugust 25, 1999; 20 years ago (1999-08-25)
Stable release
2.42 / May 2013; 6 years ago (2013-05)
Written inC
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeData analysis, statistical package, Plotting

Ploticus is a free, open-source (GPL) computer program for producing plots and charts from data. It runs under Unix, Solaris, Mac OS X, Linux and Win32 systems.[1] Community support is customarily done through Yahoo News Groups.[2] Bruce Byfield in described Ploticus as, "...a throwback to the days when Unix programs did one thing, and did it well, using a minimum of system resources."[3]


The first version was released August 25, 1999.[4] Ploticus is a mature product with activity, where the last major release (2.42) occurred in May 2013.[5]

Graph types and features[edit]

At the center of Ploticus lies a scripting language.[6] Through the scripting language, "2-D graphs and... basic statistical functions" are supported.[3] Sophisticated graphs can be developed quickly using scripts previously developed, called "prefabs". Simple graphs can be produced using few parameters in addition to the data.[7] Users can create and modify "prefabs".

Ploticus supports the following types of plot: line plots, filled line plots, category line plots, ranges sweeps, pie graphs, vertical bar graphs, horizontal bar charts, timelines, floating bar segments, bar proportions, scatter plots, heat maps (density grids), single variable distribution, error bars, curve fitting, vector plots, Venn diagrams, Venn magnitude charts, tree diagrams. Features include: scaling and axes, legends, annotations, clickmap, and mouse-over support.[8]


Ploticus has been used for:

  • Animal Phenome Graphing [9]
  • Climate Trending[10]
  • Health Data Analysis[11]

As a plug-in[edit]

Ploticus can be used as a plug-in with various other software such as:

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