Plum Island (novel)

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Plum Island
Author Nelson DeMille
Publisher Grand Central Publishing
Publication date
April 1, 1997
Pages 574
ISBN ISBN 0-446-51506-X
OCLC 36277962
813/.54 21
LC Class PS3554.E472 P57 1997
Followed by The Lion's Game

Plum Island is a 1997 novel by American author Nelson DeMille.


It introduces NYPD detective John Corey, convalescing on the North Fork of Long Island from gunshot wounds sustained in the line of duty. The local police chief Sylvester Maxwell asks Corey to act as consultant in a local murder investigation, as Corey is personally acquainted with the two victims, Tom and Judy Gordon, both employees on the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, a facility suspected of carrying out biological warfare research. The other parties involved in the investigation are Beth Penrose, a Suffolk County detective, George Foster, an FBI agent, and Ted Nash, who claims to represent the Department of Agriculture but whom Corey immediately recognises as a CIA "spook".

While the others pursue the "popular" theory (that the murder had to do with the potential theft of biological weapons) or persist in perpetuating the government's concocted tale (that the scientists stole a secretly developed vaccine), Corey develops his own theory. He continues the investigation, despite being officially released from his duties.

During the course of his investigation Corey develops a relationship with the president of the local historic society, unearths clues to a centuries old mystery, risks his life on the high seas, and battles modern day pirates.

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