Plum River

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For the river of New Caledonia, see Plum River (New Caledonia).
Plum River
Origin Jo Daviess County southeast of Stockton, Illinois
42°20′31″N 89°59′39″W / 42.3419444°N 89.9941667°W / 42.3419444; -89.9941667 (Plum River origin)
Mouth Confluence with the Mississippi at Savanna, Illinois
42°05′14″N 90°09′15″W / 42.0872222°N 90.1541667°W / 42.0872222; -90.1541667 (Plum River mouth)
Progression Plum River → Mississippi → Gulf of Mexico
Length 47 mi (76 km)
Source elevation 988 ft (301 m)
Mouth elevation 584 ft (178 m)
GNIS ID 415959

The Plum River is a tributary of the Mississippi River, about 46.6 miles (75.0 km) long,[1] in northwestern Illinois in the United States.[2] It rises in Jo Daviess County and flows generally south-southwestwardly into Carroll County, where it joins the Mississippi at Savanna. Among its several short tributaries are:

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