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Plumbangan Temple
Candi Plumbangan.JPG
Plumbangan Temple
Plumbangan is located in Indonesia
Location within Indonesia
General information
Architectural styleCandi
Town or cityBlitar Regency, East Java.
Coordinates8°04′28″S 112°20′23″E / 8.074516°S 112.339754°E / -8.074516; 112.339754
Construction startedMajapahit Empire about 1300
Technical details
Structural systemPaduraksa

Plumbangan is a candi that actually is a paduraksa-style gate with cube-shaped peak. The gate is located at Plumbangan village, Doko subdistrict, Blitar Regency, East Java, Indonesia.

The gate was made of andesite stone, with a length of 4.09 m, width 2.27 m and height 5.6 m. The gate has a wing on either side and has no relief, but only a seam line.

The surviving structure is not a temple, it is a gate and was part of a larger complex or a compound. However, the surrounding walls and other structures did not survive. A similar site, the Bajang Ratu gate in Trowulan is also a surviving single gate. It is not clear weather the compound was a religious or secular in nature.

At the top of the doorway are carved figures in 1312 Saka (1390 CE), and estimated to be built during the reign of King Wikramawardhana of Majapahit. In general, the structure is still fairly well preserved.

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