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Coordinates: 54°46′05″N 7°15′04″W / 54.768°N 7.251°W / 54.768; -7.251

Bridge over the Glenelly River

Plumbridge is a small village in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. It is a crossroads village, standing on the banks of the Glenelly River. In the 2001 Census it had a population of 267 people. It lies within the Strabane District Council area.[1]

Most of the village is on the northern bank of the Glenelly River, within the townland of Glencoppagh.[2] However, some of it lies on the southern bank, within the townland of Lisnacreaght.[3]


The Roman Catholic church is Sacred Heart Church, a Grade B2 listed building,[4] and the Presbyterian church is Glenelly Presbyterian Church, Plumbridge. The village's nearest Church of Ireland church is Upper Badoney Parish Church, a few miles up the Glenelly valley. The site of Upper Badoney is associated with Christianity since the days of St Patrick.[citation needed]


The local Gaelic Athletic Association club, Glenelly St. Joseph's, was established in 1981. There are ladies teams and men's teams. It is commonly referred to as Glenelly.[5]


Among the notable persons that have come from Plumbridge are John McCullough, of Trinity College Dublin, American frontiersman Robert Campbell,[citation needed] and Minnesota legislator Robert Campbell Dunn.[6] In 2012 the Royal Black Institution held its annual Black Saturday parade in Plumbridge for the first time since 1958.[7]

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