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Plume or plumes may refer to:


  • Plume (feather), a prominent bird feather
  • Plume (fluid dynamics), a column consisting of one fluid moving through another fluid
  • Eruption plume, a column of volcanic ash and gas emitted into the atmosphere during an eruption
  • Mantle plume, an upwelling of hot rock within the Earth's mantle that can cause volcanic hotspots
  • Moisture plume, an alternative name for a atmospheric river, a narrow corridor of concentrated moisture in the atmosphere
  • Plumage, the layer of feathers that cover a bird

Media and literature[edit]


  • Plume Latraverse (born 1946), Canadian singer, musician, and writer
  • Amélie Plume (born 1943), Swiss writer
  • Helen Plume, New Zealand climate change expert
  • Ilse Plume, American children's book illustrator
  • Kenneth Plume (born 1977), American author and broadcaster
  • Mike Plume (born 1968), Canadian country music singer and songwriter
  • Roberts Plūme (1897–1956), Latvian cyclist and cross-country skier
  • Thomas Plume (1630–1704), English churchman and philanthropist, founder of the Plume School

Other uses[edit]

  • Plume (company), a company that provides smart WiFi services for personal households

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