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Image from US patent D738,545 S (Plumen 002 LED bulb)
Privately held
Industry Consumer electronics
Founded 2010
Founders Nicolas Roope, Michael-George Hemus and Ronnie Renton
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Products Plumen 001, Plumen 002, Drop Hat, Drop Cap, Drop Top
Services Energy efficient lighting
Number of employees
11-50 employees
Plumen light bulb

Plumen is a designer low energy lighting company based in London, UK. The Plumen 001, their debut product, is a designer low energy compact fluorescent light that received critical acclaim and received some of the world's most coveted design awards after its launch in 2010. The design of the Plumen 001 lightbulb is result of collaboration between the Hulger team and designer Samuel Wilkinson. The Plumen 001 has been added to MOMA permanent design collection [1] and has won Brit Insurance Design Awards 2011.[2]

The Plumen 001 bulb launched in September 2010 and was joined by the Plumen 002 that was launched on Kickstarter in January 2014. Plumen also produces accessories and shades to be used with their unique efficient light bulb designs, establishing Plumen as an efficient designer lighting brand that sells in over 75 countries worldwide.

Product Range[edit]

The Plumen 001 is a compact fluorescent light which uses 11 Watt to emit up to 680 Lumen with colour temperature 2700k (warm white light).

The Plumen 002 is a LED lamp which uses 4 Watt to emit up to 245 Lumen with colour temperature 2200k (very warm white light).

The 001 and 002 lamp designs are protected by US patent D665,930 S and US patent US D738,545 S respectively.

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