Plumstead Cemetery

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Plumstead Cemetery

Plumstead Cemetery is a cemetery in Plumstead, southeast London. It is situated south-east of Woolwich, to the north of Wickham Lane, west of Lodge Hill,[1] and south of Bostall Wood.

The cemetery was opened in 1890 by Woolwich Burial Board in former parkland,[2] to the west of Woolwich cemetery. It has a plot of graves holding civilian war dead from Woolwich, 187 Commonwealth war graves (106 from the First World War and 81 from the Second World War),[3][4] the graves of two former mayors of Woolwich (Col Sir Edwin Hughes, Woolwich's first MP and first mayor of Woolwich in 1900/01, and Albert Gorman, mayor in 1940/41), and, to the north of the cemetery's chapel, a memorial to victims of two accidental explosions in 1903 at the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich.[5][6]


Notable burials include:


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