Plus-Tech Squeeze Box

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Plus-Tech Squeeze Box
Origin Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Genres Picopop, shibuya-kei, rock
Years active 1997–present
Labels STUBBIE RECORDS (a.k.a. Vroom Sound)
Members Tomonori Hayashibe
Takeshi Wakiya

Plus-Tech Squeeze Box are a Japanese electronic music band.

The frenetic sound of their first album FAKEVOX (2000) is an example of the subgenre known as picopop, driven by rudimentary synthesized sounds and heavily manipulated samples from a variety of sources, including 1950s jazz and big band recordings. Junko Kamada provides vocals throughout the album.

Their second album, CARTOOOM!, was released in 2004. Junko Kamada is conspicuously absent, having parted ways with the band. Instead, sampled vocals and a variety of guest singers are used.

They created a side project with the vocalist Tomomi Matsuda called Tropico Q in 2010. The group did picopop covers of classic rock songs.

Notable appearances[edit]

They have been featured in British Coca-Cola and Powerade commercials, using the song "early RISER". They have also appeared on the BBC Three show Adam and Joe Go Tokyo and on the OST to The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. One of their songs was featured on the popular Japanese music game, Pop'n Music 14 FEVER. They also wrote and recorded the theme tune for the cult cartoon Pucca. Their song "TEST ROOM" was in the popular video game Dance Dance Revolution Universe in 2007.


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