Plus belle la vie

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Plus belle la vie
Genre Soap opera
Theme music composer Maidi Roth
Country of origin France
Original language(s) French
No. of seasons 13
No. of episodes 3190+ 19 special
(as of 13 th January 2017)
Executive producer(s) Hubert Besson, Telfrance
Location(s) Marseille, France
Running time 24 minutes
Original network France 3
Picture format 16/9
Audio format Stereo
Original release 30 August 2004 – Present

Plus belle la vie is a French television soap opera based on an idea by Hubert Besson and characters created by Georges Desmouceaux, Bénédicte Achard, Magaly Richard-Serrano and Olivier Szulzynger. On air since August 30, 2004, it is currently shown on France 3 on Monday to Friday evenings at 8:15pm. The show began with seventeen main actors and gained more over time.[1]

On July 11, 2008, France 3 broadcast its one thousandth episode, a milestone in French television. The series set a second record on June 8, 2012, with its two thousandth episode.[1] On April 22, 2016, the soap passes the bar of the three-thousandth episode.


The series follows the daily lives of the inhabitants of "Le Mistral", a fictional neighbourhood in the Mediterranean port city of Marseille, where wealthy and less than wealthy families co-exist. It focuses on their evolving love lives and friendships evolve and on the criminal intrigues in which certain residents of the neighbourhood are involved.


Lætitia Milot, candidate of Danse avec les stars as Mélanie Rinato
Hubert Besson, creator and producer of Plus belle la vie
Actor Character Seasons
Cécilia Hornus Blanche Marci 1 — present
Sylvie Flepp Mirta Torres 1 — present
Serge Dupire Vincent Chaumette 1 — present
Michel Cordes Roland Marci 1 — present
Rebecca Hampton Céline Frémont 1 — present
Dounia Coesens Johanna Marci 1 — present
Lætitia Milot Mélanie Rinato 1 — present
Anne Décis Luna Torres 1 — present
Alexandre Fabre Charles Frémont 1 — present
Laurent Kérusoré Thomas Lenoir-Marci 1 — present
Virgile Bayle Guillaume Leserman 1 — present
Thibaud Vaneck Nathan Leserman 1 — present
Fabienne Carat Samia Nassri 1 — present
Ambroise Michel Rudy Torres 1 — 9
Aurélie Vaneck Ninon Chaumette 1 — 9
Pierre Martot Léo Castelli 1 — 9
Colette Renard Rachel Lévy 1 — 5
Hélène Médigue Charlotte Le Bihac 1 — 5
Juliette Chêne Juliette Frémont 1 — 4 and 8
Sofiane Belmouden Malik Nassri 1 — 4
Emil Abossolo-Mbo Damien Mara 2 — 4
Pascale Roberts Wanda Legendre 5 — 9
Nadège Beausson-Diagne Sara Douala 7 — 9
Richard Guedj Charles-Henri Picmal 1 — 2 and 7
Thierry Ragueneau François Marci 1 — 2 and 8
Geoffrey Sauveaux Lucas Marci 1 — 2
Ibtissem Guerda Aïcha Djella 1
Alice Pol Zoe 1
Fabien Gravillon Jules Anglade 3
Dorothée Jemma Edith Delvaux 5
Catherine Benguigui Violette Garcin 6
Valérie Vogt Claire Souchal 7
Andrée Damant Julienne Vidal 7
Jacques Boudet Gaston Domert 8


A movie theater in the Panier district of Marseille, inspired by Plus Belle la Vie

At first it was difficult to attract viewers. However, after striving to create more dynamic story lines, by the second season Plus belle la vie had an audience of five million. On Valentine's Day 2006, a plot involving Nicolas Barrel's death drew an audience of 6,329,600.[2] On November 17, 2008, Plus belle la vie received its highest ever ratings, with over 6.8 million viewers and a 24.9% audience share.[3]

The series regularly averages an audience of 5.3 million viewers with a 23.2% audience share each weekday evening.[4]

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