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Plushophilia (from "plushie" and "-philia") is a paraphilia involving stuffed animals. Plushophiles are sometimes called plushies, although this term (plushies) can also refer to non-sexual stuffed animal enthusiasts, and to stuffed animals in general.[1][2]

Furry fandom[edit]

Plushophilia is sometimes assumed to be a practice common within furry fandom, due in part to a 2001 article by Vanity Fair that linked various members of the furry community with plushophilia.[3][4][5][6][7] A 1998 survey of 360 members of the furry community suggested less than one percent (that is, fewer than four people) attested to being plushophiles.[8]

Pornography and sexual activity involving animal anthropomorphism (including plushophilia and paraphilias involving fursuits and cartoon animals) is known in the furry fandom community as "yiff" (and sexual acts as "yiffing").[6][9]

Being in another form[edit]

Anne Lawrence has proposed that sexual arousal that depends upon imagining one's self as plush or "representations of anthropomorphic animal characters in animated cartoons" be termed autoplushophilia.[10] Paraphilic interests that involve being in another form have been referred to as erotic target location errors.

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