Pluto's Judgement Day

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Pluto's Judgement Day
Mickey Mouse series
Directed byDavid Hand
Produced byWalt Disney
Voices byBilly Bletcher
Pinto Colvig
Walt Disney
Clarence Nash
Music byFrank Churchill
Leigh Harline
Animation byDick Lundy
Hamilton Luske
Fred Moore
Bill Roberts
Bob Wickersham
Clyde Geronimi
Ward Kimball
Hardie Gramatky[1]
StudioWalt Disney Productions
Distributed byUnited Artists
RKO Radio Pictures (Reissue)
Release date(s)
  • August 31, 1935 (1935-08-31)
Color processTechnicolor
Running time8 minutes
CountryUnited States
Preceded byMickey's Fire Brigade
Followed byOn Ice

Pluto's Judgement Day is a Mickey Mouse cartoon released theatrically in 1935. Although labeled a Mickey cartoon, the main star is Pluto.[2]

Plot summary[edit]

Pluto chases a kitten through a window and right into Mickey's lap. Mickey scolds him for his cruel attitude towards cats, and adds that he will have "plenty to answer for on (his) judgement day." He then goes off to wash the kitten. Pluto falls asleep in front of the fire, and dreams of a hell ruled by cats where he is put on trial for all his crimes against cats (getting one flattened by a steamroller, severely traumatising a cat, and scaring the relative of three young kittens into a river, causing his death in the process etc.) and, of course, found guilty. Just as the cats are about to burn Pluto alive, he wakes up and discovers a new appreciation for cats. He soon makes up with the kitten he threatened, who licks him affectionately, much to Mickey's delight.

Voice cast[edit]



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