Plutonia (novel)

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Author Vladimir Obruchev
Original title Плутония
Country Russia
Language Russian
Genre Science fiction novel
Publication date

Plutonia (Плутония) is an early science-fiction novel by Russian academician Vladimir Obruchev. It was written in 1915 in Kharkov and first published in the original Russian in 1924.


The title Plutonia refers to the novel's setting in a lost land. It is an underground world having its own sun, called Pluto for the Roman god of the underworld. The terrain is marked by dramatic geographic features and inhabited by monstrous animals and primitive people. These are essentially the animal and plant life of previous geological periods in their natural surroundings. As the characters venture deeper into the underground area, they encounter more and more ancient life forms, back to dinosaurs and other Jurassic species.[1]


The descriptive passages are made more credible by Obruchev's extensive scientific knowledge of geology and paleontology.[2]

In translation[edit]

Besides English, the novel has been published in other foreign languages: Spanish (1953), Finnish (1954), Ukrainian (1955), French (1955), Hungarian (1956), Romanian (1956), Latvian (1957), Portuguese (1960), and Polish (1966).[3]

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