Plymouth City Council election, 2010

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Plymouth City Council election, 2010
← 2008 6 May 2010 2011 →

19 of the 57 seats to Plymouth City Council
29 seats needed for a majority

  First party Second party Third party
Leader Vivien Pengelly Tudor Evans None
Party Conservative Labour Independent
Seats won 11 8 0
Seats after 36 20 1
Seat change Decrease1 Increase2 Decrease1
Popular vote 38,972 32,767 2,024
Percentage 35.4% 29.8% 1.8%

Council control before election


Council control after election


The 2010 Plymouth City Council election was held on 6 May 2010 to elect members of Plymouth City Council in England.

The Conservative Party remained in control of the council with a reduced majority.


Plymouth City Council held local elections on 6 May 2010 along with councils across the United Kingdom as part of the 2010 local elections. The council elects its councillors in thirds, with nineteen being up for election every year for three years, with no election in the fourth year.[1][2]

Councillors defending their seats were previously elected in 2006. In that election, twelve Conservative candidates and seven Labour candidates were elected.[3] This election followed a by-election in Ham, which resulted in a Labour hold.[4]

The Conservative Party had control of the council ahead of this election, with 37 councillors and a majority of eight seats.

Former Labour councillor Andy Kerswell defended his seat in Efford and Lipson as an independent.


The party standings following the election:

Party 2008/09 Cllrs Net Gain/Loss 2010 Cllrs
Conservative 37 -1 36
Independent 2 -1 1
Labour 18 +2 20
Total 57 - 57

Current political situation[edit]

The Conservatives were defending 12 seats, the Labour Party 6 and the former Labour candidate, Andy Kerswell, was defending his seat in Efford and Lipson as an independent.

If the Labour Party was to regain the majority they held on the council until 2006, they needed to gain 11 seats, which they failed to do, although made two gains (one against a Conservative and the other against Andy Kerswell) despite a national swing against them.

Seats up for election in 2010[edit]

Gains are shown by highlighting in the winning party's colours, comparing them to when these coundillors were last up for election in 2006.

Ward Previous Councillor (2006)[5] Previous Party (2006)[5] Winning Councillor[6] Winning Party[6]
Budshead Grant Monahan Conservative Grant Monahan Conservative
Compton Ted Fry Conservative Ted Fry Conservative
Devonport William Stevens Labour Co-operative William Stevens Labour Co-operative
Drake Steven Ricketts Conservative Steven Ricketts Conservative
Efford and Lipson Andy Kerswell Labour Co-operative (later independent) David Haydon and Pauline Murphy Labour
Eggbuckland Ian Bowyer Conservative Ian Bowyer Conservative
Ham Ian Gordon Labour Ian Gordon Labour
Honicknowle Pauline Purnell Labour Nicky Williams Labour
Moor View Michael Foster Conservative Mike Wright Labour
Peverell Martin Leaves Conservative Martin Leaves Conservative
Plympton Chaddlewood Glenn Jordan Conservative Glenn Jordan Conservative
Plympton St Mary David James Conservative David James Conservative
Plymstock Dunstone VivienPengelly Conservative VivienPengelly Conservative
Plymstock Radford Wendy Foster Conservative Wendy Foster Conservative
St Budeaux Sally Letcher Labour Sally Bowie (née Letcher) Labour
St Peter and The Waterfront Sue McDonald Labour Sue McDonald Labour
Southway James Kirk Labour Co-operative Tom Browne Conservative
Stoke Jill Dolan Conservative Jill Dolan Conservative
Sutton and Mount Gould Mary Aspinall Labour Co-operative Mary Aspinall Labour Co-operative

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