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Virginia Company of Plymouth
Plymouth Company
TypeDivision of the Virginia Company
IndustryMaritime transport, trade
Founded(10 April 1606; 416 years ago (1606-04-10)) at Westminster, England
FounderJames I
Defunct24 May 1624 (1624-05-24)
Area served
New England
ProductsCash crops, timber

The Plymouth Company, officially known as the Virginia Company of Plymouth, was a division of the Virginia Company with responsibility for colonizing the east coast of America between latitudes 38° and 45° N.[1]


The merchants agreed to finance the settlers’ trip in return for repayment of their expenses plus interest out of the profits made.[2] In 1620, after years of disuse, the company was revived and reorganized as the Plymouth Council for New England. With a new charter, the New England Charter of 1620.[3] The Plymouth Company had 40 patentees at that point, and established the Council for New England to oversee their efforts, but it stopped operating in 1624; that was when these former plantations were dissolved and became Royal Colonies.[4]


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