Plymouth Rock Comedy Festival

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Plymouth Rock Comedy Festival

The Plymouth Rock Comedy Festival (PRCF) is an annual ensemble of comedy taking place throughout the Plymouth, MA area. Various comedic acts, both local and national, take the stage in this near-weeklong event that is put forth by Loretta LaRoche Productions.

Originating in 2010, the PRCF includes many settings for comedians to showcase their talents. Nights of entertainment include: "Ruffled Feathers Face-off", "He Said/She Said Battle of the Sexes", "Raw Comedy" and the "Ruffled Feathers Roast". Aside from the comedic lineup, the Plymouth Rock Comedy Festival also bestows honors and awards to local community members who have benefited the world around them. The Festival itself also looks to promote the community by donating proceeds from the event to the Plimoth Plantation (also based in Plymouth, Massachusetts).

In years past, the PRCF has welcomed Hollywood celebrities such as Oscar-winning actor Chris Cooper (Adaptation) and Emmy-nominated producer Kris Meyer (There's Something About Mary). In 2010, the PRCF honored Meyer with a "Ruffled Feather Award" for his excellence in film.

Annual Events[edit]

Ruffled Feathers Face-Off

The "Ruffled Feathers Face-Off" generally occurs on the first night of the festival and features a night of stand-up comedy. Six comedians, who have been originally chosen through an online voting poll, take to the microphone in hopes of providing all sorts of laughter and entertainment for the crowd. One winner of the night is crowned champion in a presentation by Loretta LaRoche Productions.

He Said/She Said Battle of the Sexes

The "Battle of the Sexes" event of the Plymouth Rock Comedy Festival explores the differences between man and woman in a comedic manner. During this night of entertainment, two male comedians and two female comedians take the stage in opposition with one another. In the end, the audience decides the winner.

Raw Comedy

"Raw Comedy" is the only 18+ event of the Plymouth Rock Comedy Festival. Here, opinionated comedians unleash their uncensored thoughts to the audience. Comedians include both local and national entertainers.

Ruffled Feathers Roast

The "Ruffled Feathers Roast" acts as the conclusion for the Plymouth Rock Comedy Festival. In this event, Loretta LaRoche Productions finds a well-known figure in the community (or abroad) and puts together a comedic roast in "honor" of that person. The figure gets a tribute that is a little less conventional than most others; he becomes the target of jokes and stories from various comedians looking to entertain a public audience.

The Ruffled Feathers Award[edit]

The Ruffled Feathers Award is an honorary achievement developed by Loretta LaRoche Productions. The award recognizes talented individuals who have positively "ruffled the feathers" of the world socially, emotionally, and optimistically through their use of humor and creativity. Such individuals derive unconventional methods to innovatively spread joy and insight through their words and actions.

Loretta LaRoche selects the potential award-winners using a panel of judges. Final decisions are based on the following categories: positive social impact, body of work, ability to empower, and level of innovation.


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