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Alternative namesPoke
Region or stateCook Islands, Easter Island, French Polynesia
Main ingredientsFruit purée, Starch, Coconut cream

Poʻe or Poke is a confection originating from Eastern Polynesia, usually eaten as a dessert.

Traditionally Po'e was made by cooking and mashing bananas into a smooth consistency and mixed together with arrowroot flour.[1] The mixture was wrapped in banana leaves and baked in a Earth oven until set into a pudding-like consistency, cut into smaller pieces and served together with coconut cream. More modern takes on the recipe replace bananas with other fruits such as papaya, mango or squash[2][3] and using cassava[4] or cornstarch as the thickening agent.

It should not be confused with the Hawaiian staple poi, Samoan dessert poi or the Hawaiian raw fish dish poke.

See also[edit]

  • Kulolo - a similar traditional Hawaiian dessert, made from grated taro and coconut milk baked into a pudding.
  • Poi - another traditional banana dessert originating from Samoa.


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