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Panorama of the town
Panorama of the town
Flag of Połczyn-Zdrój
Coat of arms of Połczyn-Zdrój
Coat of arms
Połczyn-Zdrój is located in Poland
Coordinates: 53°46′N 16°6′E / 53.767°N 16.100°E / 53.767; 16.100
Country  Poland
Voivodeship West Pomeranian
County Świdwin
Gmina Połczyn-Zdrój
 • Total 7.21 km2 (2.78 sq mi)
Population (2006)
 • Total 8,572
 • Density 1,200/km2 (3,100/sq mi)
Postal code 78-320
Area Code (+48) 94
Vehicle registration UDF
Website www.polczyn-zdroj.pl

Połczyn-Zdrój [ˈpɔu̯t͡ʂɨn ˈzdrui̯] (German: Bad Polzin) is a town in Świdwin County, West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland, with 11,153 inhabitants (2007).

The town and its castle are mentioned in historical records from 1321 and 1331, respectively, which state that they belonged to a fief that the powerful noble family of Wedell had obtained from the Pomeranian dukes.[1] In the 15th century other families were in possession of the town. It had three mineral springs of enhanced iron content and with a temperature between 9 and 11 °C (48 and 52 °F), which were exploited in sanatoriums in order to cure rheumatism. In 1905 the town had a population of 5,046 which in the year of 1925 had grown to 5,960 persons.[citation needed]

Before World War I, the town was known as Polzin. It acquired the name Bad Polzin (i. e., "Bath Polzin") between the two World Wars.[2] In March 1945 the region was occupied by the Red Army, and after the end of World War II it became part of Poland. For the history of the region, see History of Pomerania.

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Coordinates: 53°46′N 16°06′E / 53.767°N 16.100°E / 53.767; 16.100