Po Klong Garai

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Po Klong Garai (1151-1205) was king of the Champa polity of Panduranga, in what is now Phan Rang in southern Vietnam. He ruled from 1167 to his death and is credited to have built many irrigation works and dams. He is worshipped at the Po Klong Garai Temple, built by Champa King Jaya Sinhavarman III (Chế Mân).

Legend of Po Klong Garai temple[edit]

According to legend, Po Klong Garai (Cham language: Dragon King of Jarai people) started life as a lowly cowherd, but became king of Champa by destiny, ruling wisely and for the good of the people. When the Khmer of Cambodia invaded his kingdom, he challenged them to settle the matter peacefully in a tower-building contest. Po Klaung Garai prevailed in the contest, thereby obliging the invaders to return home. After his death, Po Klaung Garai became a god and protector of the people on earth; it is said that the tower he built in his contest with the Khmer is the tower that today is known by his name.