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Not to be confused with Po Toi, an island in the south of Hong Kong.
Po Toi O
Po Toi O from higher perspective.
Po Toi O and Clear Water Bay Golf Course
Hung Shing Temple of Po Toi O (left) and adjacent Kung So (right).

Po Toi O (Chinese: 布袋澳) is a small fishing village[1] at Clear Water Bay Peninsula, Sai Kung, New Territories, Hong Kong.

The village is situated at a bay shaped like a sack, thus earning its name Po Toi (meaning a "sack"). Everyone living in the village has the same surname: Po ().[citation needed]


This small fishing village has two seafood restaurants and is popular with tourists.

There is a Hung Shing Temple in Po Toi O. The temple was probably built in 1663. A Kung So (公所) building adjacent to the temple was built in 1740 and was used to deal with village affairs and served as a school until the 1930s.[2] The temple is a Grade III historic building.

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Po Toi O can be reached by land using Po Toi O Chuen Road (布袋澳村路). The village is served by green minibus 16 - Po Lam, Tseung Kwan O to Po Toi O.[3][1]


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Coordinates: 22°16′33″N 114°17′45″E / 22.275724°N 114.295737°E / 22.275724; 114.295737